Richard Manning


    Richard Manning’s ten books and many essays and articles are grounded in the American West, but range across the globe to examine the critical issues of our time. His work has dealt with forest conservation, grassland restoration, agriculture, poverty and the possibility of real human development. He tackles issues that are urgent, vital and dire with a sweeping perspective, intelligence, and, as critics have noted, a rare sense of humor.

    His newest book is Go Wild, a collaboration with psychiatrist John Ratey. It will be published by Little, Brown in June of 2014, available for pre-order now. Here’s a preview:

“‘Wild.’ This is the word we need now. Before civilization, everything was wild, including humans. The polite term of anthropology is ‘hunter-gatherer,’ but calling our ancestors ‘wild’ explains so much more. Before farming and cities, we were wild humans. Ever since, more and more of us have been tamed, and this is what is making us ill. All that unfolds in this book will be the case for honoring the design of our bodies that evolution gave us, but the easier way to say it is this: Go wild.”

Manning’s other recent book is  It Runs in the Family published by St. Martin’s Press in July of 2013. It’s a memoir of growing up among right-wing Christian fundamentalists. Here’s what Rick Bass has to say about it:

"Richard Manning is the West's greatest journalist. Read this book, and then everything else he has written, and everything he ever will write."--Rick Bass, author of Colter, Why I Came West, and The Wild Marsh

Writing on behalf of nature and human integrity